It is a truth universally acknowledged that most dudes aren’t very good at shopping. Gift giving turns you boys into little lost puppies and you seem to get it wrong at least 74% of the time. We get it, you think shopping sucks… that’s why we’re here to help (they don’t call us the ‘Gift Guru’s for nothing!)

The Dummies Dudes Guide to Gift Giving’ takes the pressure out of picking the perfect present for the leading ladies in your life. Just click the link that best meets your needs: 

•    I only have 10 buckaroos to spend, HELP!
•    She’s a good friend but I think I fancy her
•    I think she’s tops but we’re just friends
•    I want to get a nice gift for my mum
•    It’s my little sisters birthday
•    She just moved house
•    I need a wedding present that isn’t lame
•    My friend just had a baby
•    I’m trying to get out of the dog house
•    I want to play it safe