Top 10 Kris Kringle in the Office Gifts

The origins of the term Kris Kringle are shrouded in mystery and it probably means ‘Christ Child’ who in some traditions was a kind of Santa with special gift giving abilities. The OPUS Kris Kringle tradition is a little less wholesome to be honest (sorry Mum!).  The modern interpretation of Kris Kringle is secret gift giving which opens up so many possibilities! Yes, our naughty gifts are probably our most popular options for Kris Kringle but who could blame anyone for wanting to have a bit of fun!

Our top 10 gifts cover some super cool and fun gifts that are under $30. To make the list extra spicy we have added a couple of inappropriate and politically incorrect options too. We love a bit of a laugh and OPUS customers are a crazy lot! Yes, you know who you are!

So here we go!


1. How to Live with a Huge Penis


2. Shower Wine Holder


3. Stone Think Bottle


4. Bike Balls


5. Travel Manicure Set


6. Sarcastic 9 Ball


7. Gent's Hardware Shoe Shine Kit



8. Neighbourhood by Hetty McKinnon

9. Trump Cards - Adults Only


10. The Orbit Key Finder


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