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You've Got Problems

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  • YOU'VE GOT PROBLEMS: A party game created by Jack Dire, the creator of Superfight, Red Flags, and Blank Marry Kill. Players will try to get you to pick good things that will happen to you, while sabotaging each other before you choose by playing problem cards.
  • PARTY TIME: This game has been designed to be fun and funny for all kinds of people in groups of 3 to 10 (or more). You’ve Got Problems is great for parties and game nights with big crowds. Let the party begin!
  • FUN WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS: What could be more fun than spending a Saturday night with a group of friends or family, some pizza and a few glasses of wine accompanied by a box full of “problems”? Not many things will ensure a night of laughter and fun like an adult game night with You’ve Got Problems. Give it a try!
  • EXPANSION PACKS: Spice things up with our two expansion packs! Want to make the game dirtier? Get the red expansion, You’ve Got Dirty Problems. Want to make it geekier? Get the orange expansion, You’ve Got Geeky Problems, and shuffle into the game! All of our games are customizable to fit whatever you and your friends are into... Well, almost.
  • ENDLESS FUN: This fun and enjoyable game will have your party going til the wee hours of the night. Party size and stamina always vary, so play until you don’t want to play anymore, then count up the points!

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