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Where's Your Happy Place?

We all need them and we all have them. Places that makes us super duper, Pharrell Williams level Happy. Where the deadlines, bills and often stressful realities of day-today life just melt away. Where you are content to just be in the moment and enjoy your own personal oasis.  

Bookstores are my happy place. There’s something about a good bookstore that centres me, so when I’m having a bit of an off day that’s the first place I want to go. Whenever I find myself lacking inspiration or motivation I just browse the shelves of my local bookstore to get the creative juices flowing again. Sometimes I go with a friend, but very few understand the peace I find in such a place. Most of the time I go for a bit of ‘me time’, its a treat to myself and it gives me the opportunity to day dream and get lost in an interesting new story. 

I was in Melbourne over the weekend and I discovered the most amazing antiquarian bookstore in the city. I found myself loosing track of time as I flicked through first editions of Alice in Wonderland and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (two of my all time favourite books.) They were absolutely mind blowing… I was in heaven. This little visit made my day. 

So, this is my happy place. Where's yours? Think about it. Go there. Often. Make time to visit your happy place whenever you can.