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Stop Trying To Keep Up With The Joneses

We are all guilty of doing it or have at least done it at some point in our lives: we compare ourselves to others and measure where we are in life based on what we observe them to be doing. 

While our innate need to “keep up with Joneses” can at times be a source of motivation, it’s also important to consider the downside of using others as a benchmark for our own worth. Not only can this type of behaviour be damaging to your sense of self but you’ll find that what you are comparing yourself against is an ideal figure not a true representation of someone else. Just think about it in terms of social media, where people present edited versions of their reality to the world… you end up comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. That’s not being very fair to yourself is it? Ruminating about how someone is better looking, has more friends, a more glamorous wardrobe or a more successful career than you is both time consuming and ineffective. Unfortunately, we are often our own worst critics and it doesn’t matter how many people are cheering you on if you can’t get on your own side and be your own hero, finding personal contentment will always be an uphill battle. 

So I’ve got a suggestion for you because I know our minds are prone to quantify… instead of trying to quit making comparisons cold turkey why not redirect these types of thoughts within to a past and present version of yourself? 

We are in a constant state of reinvention and personal growth. Who you were five years ago may bare little resemblance to who you are today and I think that’s a wonderful thing. So, ask yourself the following questions the next time you are tempted to compare yourself to others or keep up with those bloody Joneses (whoever they are.) 

What ‘wins' have you experienced this year, compared to this time last year? How has your life improved? What have you accomplished recently that you previously thought impossible?  What negative behaviour have you said goodbye to for good? What positive habits have you picked up? Have you continued to become a new and improved version of yourself?