The Art of Doing Nothing

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” ~Lao Tzu

Are you constantly busy, busy, busy? Do you like to remind yourself and others of this fact multiple times a week? 

If your being honest with yourself how many times are you actually busy doing “nothing”? You know the “nothing” that revolves around watching hours of mindless TV, tumbling down internet rabbit holes, checking Instagram at 20 minute intervals, all whilst beating your personal best Sudoko score.

We tell ourselves that it’s okay to do “nothing” and that we deserve some downtime, but theres a nagging little overbearing mother voice in our heads telling us that it’s not okay and that is why we choose to occupy that time with multiple activities that don’t allow us to fully recharge our batteries. 

We go for a walk in the park but instead of appreciating the scenery we call everyone under the sun and write a status update to let the world know we are busy #exercising #beinghealthy #cleanliving 

We catch up with a friend for tea after weeks of trying to schedule something and we end up being distracted by our phones the whole time or competing over who has the busiest most jam-packed schedules. 

All of those things that you keep busy with when you say you are “doing nothing” are distractions and you need to give them the boot because they are contributing to your feelings of exhaustion and often make you feel more worn out than you did before your so called break. 

I want to challenge you to master the art of doing nothing and really, truly enjoy your downtime. 

Take a nap if you need some extra sleep, sit at a cafe and people watch or spend some time getting wrapped up in a good book. 

It doesn’t matter what you choose, just make sure that you will not be distracted so that you can benefit from it (that means keeping your mobile out of reach or even turning it off to avoid temptation completely.)

When you release your need to constantly stay busy you'll notice that you feel more relaxed and less stressed. You'll enjoy increased focus, improved connections with others, and a greater appreciation of all that you have.