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The Joys of January

Depleted bank accounts, tight waistbands and failed resolutions… do any of these ‘joys’ of January ring a bell?

Don’t worry if they do because we’re going to share our ‘secret weapon’ with you - called the S-M-A-R-T-S Formula – which will help you combat the back to work blues and set achievable goals for the year ahead.

S stands for Specific. Be very clear and specific about what you want to achieve.

M stands for Measurable. It's important that you know precisely when you’ve reached your goal. So you can celebrate.

stands for As If Now. That is to say, express your goals as if it were now, not in the future. So instead of saying, “By next year I’ll reach my goals” say “It’s now 2014 and I am going to start living my dreams.”

R stands for Realistic. Make sure that it is possible for you to achieve the goal you've set for yourself and that you have your own very good reason for wanting to achieve it.

T stands for Timed. Set a deadline for reaching your goal.

The final S stands for Steps. You need to make a plan to reach your goal AND… Smile and be grateful that the universe is ready to give you what you want.

Remember, January is like a blank sheet of paper …the story of 2014 hasn’t been written yet. So, this is the perfect time to begin a new chapter by making changes in every area of your life.

Make 2014 your best year yet!