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We are Complicated Creatures and That's Okay

Many people believe happiness is outside of us, and something that needs to be attained. It’s not. It’s a state of being, an emotion that can pass through us when we least expect it, usually when we aren’t paying it the least bit of attention. As human beings we experience a myriad of emotions, in just one 24 hour period we can feel a sense of love, joy, contentment, stress, anger or jealousy and personally as a woman I’d add a few hundred more emotions on top of that. We’re quite complicated creatures and we definitely haven’t been designed to feel one singular emotion all day, every day. Think about it, if you came across someone that constantly had a Stepford wife smile plastered on their face would you want to be friends with them? It would be pretty safe to assume that you wouldn’t.

There’s no point trying really hard to be happy all the time because happiness is not something we can buy or obtain through external effort. We carry the possibility of it within us at all times whether we realise it or not. That’s why we should remember that having a bad day isn't the end of the world because the great thing about those bad days is that they are few and far between and so instead of wallowing in them and extending them into bad weeks we can acknowledge them and watch them quickly pass us by. However, we should pay close attention when it’s a great day. When you wake up in the morning and you’re walking on sunshine, when your life feels like a Pharrell Williams song and everything is coming up roses.  Be thankful for it and make sure you are aware of these beautiful days because then you’ll notice them pop up again and again. 

When the world get’s in your face, take a leaf out of Bon Jovi’s book and say have a nice day. There are happier times ahead.