Bath Blend Rose Garden-Bath + Body-Short Story-OPUS Design
Bath Blend Rose Garden-Bath + Body-Short Story-OPUS Design
Bath Blend Rose Garden-Bath + Body-Short Story-OPUS Design
Short Story

Bath Blend Rose Garden

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Rose Garden

Nourish / Rejuvenate

The Rose Garden Bath Blend is a pampering tea soak that rejuvenates the soul and puts time at a standstill.

Using the highest quality Himalayan pink salts, each tea bag is infused with a luxurious blend of nourishing goats milk, elegant floral essential oils and black tea.  A simple and divine aromatic treat for the senses; mind, body and soul.

 Epsom Salt:  Dating back over a millennium to ancient civilisations, salt baths have been used to cure various ailments.  Including benefits to de-stress and detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and help muscle and nerve function.

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt:  Improves texture, tone and appearance of skin, combats water retention, detoxifier, prevents muscle cramping and soreness, regulates sleep and de-stresses.

Pink Clay:  Used for centuries by ancient cultures to promote new skin regeneration, restore natural luminosity and increase circulation. Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.

Goats Milk:  Rich in Vitamin A + D, rejuvenating effect, promotes smooth and soft skin.

Essential Oils Blend:  Palmarosa, Geranium Egypt, Ylang Ylang: calming, uplifting and rebalancing aromatic benefits.

Rose Botanicals:  Soothes the mind and soul. Contains antioxidants, relaxes, uplifts, mood-enhancing agent.

Black Tea:  Boost your immune system, tighten pores, freshen up the skin and promote a natural, radiant glow.  Your skin will thank you for its many beneficial nutrients including Vitamin B to soften skin and tannins to soothe skin problems and heal cuts.

Oats:  An ancient remedy to beautify, soften and moisturise hair and skin.  Great for sensitive skin types boosting anti-inflammatory benefits, skin healing properties, an effective natural cleanser and gentle exfoliant.

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