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Breakfast: Morning, Noon and Night

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  • In Breakfast: Morning, Noon and Night, Fern Green encourages readers to enjoy their most-loved meal at any time of the day. Covering all the morning favourites, and often adding an indulgent or inspired twist, she shares recipes for sweet and savoury dishes that you won't be able to confine to just the morning hours. Simple but satisfying, and super easy to prepare, these recipes will suit any time of day.

    Try smoked salmon and eggs served with quinoa crackers, apple, sorrel and crispy capers; cheese on toast gets upgraded to griddled halloumi served with basil, tomato and ciabatta; and waffles get a delicious side of maple and blueberry butter. 

    Fern also takes inspiration from breakfasts with more exotic flavor combinations, such as the Adai Indian cr pe with coconut chutney, and Mexican corn and zucchini hash with fried egg. These mouth-watering dishes show how you can make breakfast favorites work at any time of the day.

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