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D.I.Y Speaker Kit

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  • Make your own speaker using diodes, resistors & capacitors. Experiment with objects and materials to discover the best sound. Design your speaker case with different colours, shapes and textures. This kit will teach you about how sound works and how to transform almost any object into a speaker.

    You will need:
    9v Battery
    Soldering Iron
    Internet access

    Example projects:
    DIY speaker boombox
    Electro whoopee cushion

    Age: 10+
    Difficulty: tricky
    Making time: 2hrs of making
    Packaging dimensions: 20.2cm x 14.5cm x 4.7cm

    The recommended age for this kit is 10+ as it contains small, pointy parts - handle these with care. Your speaker is designed to work with a PP3 9V battery. Using a different power source will probably break it and may be dangerous. This kit is great for hacking and modding - if you plan your hacks carefully, that is. These online resources will help you do that


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