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Joseph Joseph Stainless Steel Garlic Rocker

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The simplistic and stylish approach of the Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher is why chefs prefer Joseph Joseph, as it takes the hard work out of crushing garlic! Using the Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher, simply use even downward pressure, back and forth, on each side of the crusher to create a rocking effect. The result is perfect, effortlessly crushed garlic cloves. As the garlic is being crushed, the mesh of holes keeps the garlic in the 'dip' of the rocker so you can easily scoop or scrape it out with a spoon when you're done. Made from high quality stainless steel with a contemporary brushed finish, the Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher looks fantastic, and is easy to clean under running water but is also dishwasher safe.